Hinge: How Did The Dating App Raise $4.5 Million?

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VCs Founders Fund and Lowercase Capital helped a dating app called Hinge raise $4.5 million. What makes it special that they invested on something that is closely similar to Tinder and other dating apps?

Accoding to Techcrunch, Hinge is building a romance graph of what structured data clues suggest two people will want to date. It also provides a daily set of matches that you would most likely want. It is pretty suggestive and choices are based on your profession, education history, and interests. You need not to read bios and waste your time on scanning through their pictures because hinge allows you to filter out undesirables. Hinge makes your world smaller as the potential mate might be a friend of your friend so there is more than ?first-hand information that a user shows to market himself or herself.

The app is currently operating in nine cities including DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and L.A. This is definitely smaller than Tinder, the famous dating app which is doing 850 million swipes and 10 million matches a day.

Hinge is also the swipe right and swipe left or click the heart or click the X type, definitely like Tinder. What sets it apart is the way it easily gives you not only people who are friends of your friends but people you have same interests with. Hinge, as soon as there happens to be a match, will create a short introduction between two people. Founder Justin Mcleod said in an interview with Techcrunch that the app has a sense of immediacy and accountability and was not created for casual hook-ups. The focus is beyond how cute or how well-built his or her body is rather on “what kind of person, what makes you?compatible, how can I get along with this person and who are his or her friends that I am friends with”?

?The $4.5 million round from Founders Fund and Lowercase Capital brings it to $8.6 million in total funding, and includes participation from CAA Ventures and Lumia Capital plus previous investors Middleland Capital and Great Oaks, Techcrunch stated.? The money will focus on improving the features of the app and for expanding the engineering team. The app is currently free but not so long for sure when a Premium version kicks in.

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