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Hillary Clinton for President: Olivia Wilde, America Ferrera, Magic Johnson and Conan O’Brien tweet support

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Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention, 2008.[Qqqqqq at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons]

As early as it is for the presidential race, Hillary Clinton already decided to make her intentions clear.

Those intentions are to run for the highest office in the land, and Clinton is doing it slowly but surely. In this report from CNN, Clinton?s supporters were alerted by an email that had come from an ally, John Podesta. With her campaign last time still fresh in everyone?s minds, Clinton will have to make sure she does things right this time around, with no Obama in the way of her aspirations.

Even the stars are getting behind her. Twitter erupted with messages from stars who are throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton, according to E! Online. The tweets read like a who?s who of pop stars and icons getting behind Clinton for 2016. We take a look at most of the messages below.

The Start of Something New

Hillary?s first foray into politics was derailed back when Obama first became president of the United States. This time, however, she could potentially become that which she?s always wanted to be. She plans to land on the road to her campaign running, and has committed to a six-to-eight week ?ramp up? period, according to CNN.

The first to enter the presidential race, she stands to face stiff competition from fellow Democrats Vice President Joe Biden, former Maryland Gov. Martin O?Malley, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb and independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The ?ayes?, however, appear to be stacked in her favor, as Biden was her only closest competitor, and the others hold no more than 3% of support from Democrats and Independents.

Stars for Hillary

It appears Hillary Clinton isn?t just pushing for the votes of her fellow Democrats.

Her announcement to run for president was watched closely by a lot of people, and this includes stars from Hollywood. The celebrities took to announcing their support for Clinton in a format that?s very familiar to them?Twitter.

Beth Behrs, Carole King, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Lena Dunham and America Ferrera are just some of the stars who believe in the promise of Hillary Clinton in 2016, but that?s not all. Other?stars include Ariana Grande, Magic Johnson, Conan O?Brien, and Olivia Wilde, who are for Hillary all the way.

Hillary Clinton?s Campaign in Full Swing

Hillary Clinton?s campaign seems to be starting as expected, with stars backing her and her staff in place. All that remains now is to rock the vote?and to convince the Democrats that she is the best candidate for their party. After all, she did give Barack Obama quite a fight back in 2008.


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