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Hillary Clinton and Google: Executive might fix Hillary’s Email Woes

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Hillary Clinton speaking to the media in Hawaii.[By Master Sgt. Cohen Young [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

Google?s Loss is Secretary of State Clinton?s gain.

It?s no secret that Clinton is eyeing the presidency yet again, and these days, presidential campaigns can?t just rely on traditional advertising seen on TV, Radio, and Print Ads. Clinton realized the gravity of this decision, and according to Washington Post?s report, has signed up a Google executive to become the latest member of her campaign team.

Why only now, of all times, did Hillary Clinton seek help from an expert in the Internet? Perhaps, she doesn?t want a repeat of her email incident, reported in this The Guardian article. Clinton was asked about what reasons she might have had for using her personal email, and more questions were raised owing to the fact that her personal email was subject to hacking and cyber-attacks.

Getting Help from Google

One of Google?s long-time executives, Stephanie Hannon, is the newest member of Hillary Clinton?s campaign team, according to Washington Post.

Hannon will be coming on board as part of Clinton?s senior staff. She will be head of the technological department, of course, and will be overseeing a team of engineers and developers who will be creating an infrastructure for Clinton?s upcoming campaign. One of the heavier challenges, the staff plans to put up apps for the campaign to catch up with the times.

Hannon was a great fit in Hillary Clinton?s campaign team. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Clinton hired her was for her experience in tech tools which spread awareness, particularly about natural events and information about elections.

Bigger Issues

One of the issues hounding Hillary Clinton these days is her use of an unencrypted email account.

Clinton had been using her personal email account for a long time, stating it was easier and more convenient for her to do so. Since then, according to The Guardian, she has deleted emails which may have contained sensitive information about her work. Part of the sensitive information may have been her private emails to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, although it was kept in a private server maintained by the Secret Service.

Perhaps this is one area of her campaign which needs work, and thus, her inclusion of a former Google top executive was no fluke.

Results Driven

Hillary Clinton doesn?t want any mistakes like the one she did with her email during the campaign. Part of making sure of that means hiring the best people for the job, and none could be more fitting than Stephanie Hannon. This time, Clinton won?t be using any unencrypted emails, as it looks like.


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