Hillary Clinton Death Not A Hoax; Body Double Rumors Emerge

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Hillary Clinton death not a hoax says the rumor mill. The rumors started because of a video that has circulated the internet. It was of Joel Torre WABC-TV Channel 7?s Eyewitness News ?seeming? to say ?breaking news about Hillary Clinton?s death.? Here is the clip:


The station has since apologized for the mistake, stating that the anchor said ?death? when he meant ?health?. ?It was clear from the context of the story, the reporter?s information and graphics on the screen that Secretary Clinton was alive and recovering,? the official statement stated.

Clinton?s Got Body Double?

Various rumors have emerged that Hillary Clinton has died as ?evidences? for a body double appear. A report by Louis Babcock of Inquisitr had laid out cases for the Clinton death theory. But before we get into it, let?s refresh ourselves of what happened to the ?real? ?Clinton.

Here?s a video of what happened:

Clinton attended the 9/11 memorial and had a near collapse. She had to be helped up into a van by staff. Many thought that it was a seizure and incited more concern for her health and candidacy.

In a report by BBC, the Clinton team stated that this near collapse was caused by ?walking pneumonia?. This is said to be a not-too-serious kind of lung infection. This is known to leave patients feeling unwell but does not require hospital care or even bed rest.

Clinton, in the report, admitted that she felt dizzy and lost her balance for a minute but after getting into the van, cool off and getting some water, ?she immediately felt better.

After leaving the memorial early because of her near collapse, she was then spotted at her daughter?s home in New York. This sparks the conspiracy theory of the Clinton death and body double.

The Conspiracy Theory Deepens

People now think that Clinton?s recovery was ?too quick? to be real. Rumors have appeared that it was not the real Hillary that walked out of her daughter?s home. It was a body double. The first ?exhibit? that was shown in Babcock?s report is Hillary?s face in the picture.

One can see here that the nose of the ?before and after Clintons? were a bit different. Also, the chin was more pronounced on the after Clinton picture. Was this a trick played by the lights or was the ?after Clinton? a body double?

Another ?exhibit? that the article showed is the video of when Clinton walked out of her daughter?s house.

Babcock pointed out that the lower body of this ?Clinton? was thinner than the ?real Clinton?. He added that the lack of security and the ?theatrics? for the press gives it all away.

What do you all think? Was this a body double? Is Clinton?s health failing? Is Hillary Clinton death not a hoax? Leave your comments below.

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