Hillary Clinton: 7 Reasons Why She Lost

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Hillary Clinton

The US Presidential Election 2016 took everyone by surprise. In fact, aside from US citizens, the rest of the world is also monitoring the election results. All in all, it appears that there are a few obvious reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the battle against Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Didn?t Have a Short, Striking and Memorable Phrase

Just by looking at Trump?s history, it?s difficult to deny that he is definitely smart. By saying ?Make America Great Again,? he managed to make a promise to the voters. As a genius marketer, he gave what the voters want.

Hillary Clinton

In fact, it became a hashtag in the end ?#MAGA?. Meanwhile, Clinton?s slogan didn?t become a hashtag while it also failed to give what the voters want. Furthermore, #MAGA was repeated over and over, while Clinton?s was left in the dust.

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Hillary Clinton Didn?t Utilize The Use Of Social Media

It?s a good thing that the female presidential candidate wasn?t tweeting #Harambe in the middle of the night. Nor made fun of other people for the duration of the election. However, she didn?t use the social media like Trump did.

She used social media in an old fashioned way, while Trump used it to stir the news. He also made the account feel real and authentic by having an actual conversation with his followers and other people.

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Hillary Clinton Doesn?t Seem To Be A Strong Leader

Hillary Clinton

Recently, there have been multiple reports of riots and unrest in America which involves Baltimore, Charlotte and so on. It showed the people the world they?re in which is filled with disorder.

Massive riots, towns burning, Police shootings, ISIS recording a brutal execution, the Syrian Chaos and much more. These things shouldn?t be compared and does have different roots. However, they?re there to generate disorder and strike people?s sense of security via Television.

It all boils down to the typical human nature of leaning towards something that is reliable. Frightened people tend to turn to an alpha in times of disorder.

She Tried Hard To Be Obama

Hillary Clinton

It appears that people tend to choose the president?s polar opposite based on an observation. In that case, the incremental and intellectual Barack Obama was the reaction to the cocky and visceral George W. Bush

Julian Assange

Hillary Clinton

Way back a few months, Julian Assange got involved in politics. There was an endless dump of emails from both Clinton?s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. In addition, Clinton and the WikiLeaks founder did have some complications in the past.

Something Smells Fishy

Hillary Clinton

As can be seen, Trump was continuously attacked by the media and other people who support?Clinton. However, it didn?t destroy him, it actually made him stronger and tougher. When the media praised Clinton, it made the voters feel like she?s a part of something that is inaccessible to them.

Leaked Emails

Hillary Clinton

There are the hackers which are allegedly affiliated with the Russian government. They managed to get into both the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National committee. It did quite a harm to Clinton?s campaign which served to be one of the greatest act of political sabotage in American History.

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