Hilarious Twitter Exchange Between the Ex Boyfriends of the London Pride Engaged Couple

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Remember the viral video of a police officer who proposed to his boyfriend during the recent London Pride celebrations?

In case you haven?t seen that magical, beautiful moment at the London Pride parade, here?s a video to give you an idea how the police officer broke the ranks and went up to his boyfriend, who was watching the London Pride celebration from behind the steel barriers:

The internet, as expected, swelled with pride and felicitations, saying that the London Pride surprise proposal was a triumph for the LGBT movement.

Someone even came up with their very own artwork as a tribute to the momentous London Pride occasion:

Not everyone is happy for the London Pride engaged couple, though. While the equality and acceptance that the LGBT movement has fought for has grown by leaps and bounds, there are still others who choose to mock same-sex relationships.

But the surprising development in the story happened when a Twitter user, who goes by the handle @OhHeyJacob, posted a hilariously sarcastic tweet.

Turned out, Jacob is the former boyfriend of the man being proposed to at the London Pride parade. Yes, the man standing behind the barrier is his ex.

When his tweet went viral, Jacob had to remind everyone that it was meant as a joke and that he?s genuinely happy for his ex.

The story took a more interesting turn when another Twitter user named Matt Thompson who goes by the handle @jumpytiny joined in the exchange. Quite unexpectedly, Matt is the ex-fianc? of the police officer.

Some users, however, suggested that since Matt and Jacob are the former lovers of the newly engaged couple, they might be interested to meet up and, who knows, maybe start a new ?friendship.?

Though romantic as it may sound, the possibility of them meeting up is highly unlikely, especially since Matt is already attached to someone else.

Both Matt and Jacob took everything in stride. They even found the humor in all of it.

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