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Hilarious Skyrim Mods That’ll Send You ROFL

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Funny Skyrim Mods
Funny Skyrim Mods

Skyrim has been around for a quite a while now on the PC, and there are numerous mods to enhance the game?s already awesome feel. Some of these Skyrim mods improve the game?s graphics, enhances audio, balances out stats for enemies and players, adds an entirely new content like additional magic, weapons, armor, hair, houses, islands, maps, etc. But some mods are made out of no significance to any of these, but that?s not to say that these mods are bad. Actually, they are good, hilarious and downright absurd. If you?re looking to add some ?unique? stuff to your Skyrim game, you should give these oddities a shot.

Thomas The Tank Engine Mod

You might be curious about how the cutesy and kiddie train is going to be included in the world of Tamriel. Sure, dragons are scary and all, but nothing could be more scary than flying howling trains that breath fire on people. That?s right. This mod replaces dragons with Thomas The Train. Check the video below to see how these freaking train fares in unleashing hell on Skyrim. Thomas looks creepy in this though, as it breathes fire on people, he just keeps his smiley poker face.

Zoidberg Mud Crab Mod

This one doesn?t need much explanation, but in case it does for you, this mod replaces the boring mud crabs with the character named Zoidberg from the show, Futurama. The point? None.

Swearing Mud Crabs

A perfect combo for the Zoidberg Mud Crab mod is the swearing mud crab mod. This makes the mud crab say the ?F? word in a variety of ways when they are hit.

Laugh Track Mod

This might be one of the funniest mods for Skyrim. What it does is add a laughing audience when you fail at certain things like lockpicking a door, creating potions, attacking without enough charge, and even dying. This makes Skyrim feel more like a sitcom rather than just a videogame.

Macho Dragons

Another dragon mod, only, a bit funnier. This replaces dragons with none other than WWF Hall of Famer, Randy Savage A.K.A ?Macho Man?. All, complete with Randy Savage?s model with creepily extended neck and arms. The most hilarious part is when he opens his mouth and yells ?Yeah? with his own voice. Yes. This mod also includes Randy Savage?s voice overs so, ?YEEEAAH!?

Trolling Troll Mod

What is a collection of absurd mods without a trolling one? This mod replaces trolls? faces with the internet?s most popular meme. The sound effects are also replaced with the ?Trololo? song for some added retardation to your Skyrim game.


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