High School Musical 4 Updates: Zac Efron Confirmed To Join?

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High School Musical (HSM) 4 updates indicate that Zac Efron will be joining the cast in the return of the Disney musical, including co-star and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Will we see a reunion of the lead couple and original cast members? Or, will we see an entirely new cast?

Efron had first sparked rumors of a reunion with his ex-girlfriend in the upcoming HSM 4 when he posted a throwback photo of him with some of the original cast members, Morning News USA reports. In the photo were Efron, Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu from 2008. The actor captioned the photo with, ?So grateful I came across this picture? With the o.g. crew during one of the most cherished and exciting times of my life. Love you guys forever. #fbf.?

The fourth installment of the Disney musical was confirmed by Disney Channel Worldwide president Gary Marsh. He also announced that there will be a new cast for the upcoming movie.

As recalled, Efron and Hudgens dated for four years and broke up in 2010. Now, Efron had broken up with model Sami Miro while Hudgens recently broke things off with Austin Butler. Could this mean that there?s a chance that the two will get back together? And the timing is just brilliant as a new High School Musical movie is in the works.

While we have yet to confirm the appearance of the two lead stars in HSM 4, another star has revealed that she will not be returning in HSM 4. Tisdale, who plays Sharpay Evans, told New You via Daily Mail that she won?t be returning to the franchise. When asked if she would return, she said, ?No. Looking back, it was such a perfect thing for its time and was so pure that I just don?t know how you go from there.?

She said that it was also tough because some people just can?t separate her character and who she was in real life.?It?s been challenging,? she said. ?I think people in this business put you in a box and label you for what they think they know of you and what character you have played.?

But the friendship she shared with her co-stars remains to be one of the things that she treasures the most. ?High School Musical didn?t make us, we made High School Musical because of our friendship, how close we were, and the magic there at the time.?

If some of the stars would ever return to the franchise, could this ?magic? still be there? Fans are hoping for a Zanessa reunion at least, especially now that they?re both single. Who knows? Maybe it just might happen.

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