High School Musical 4 Update: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Start Filming?

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The Wildcats are back with an all-new High School Musical (HSM) 4! While an all-new cast will be featured in the new installment, there are rumors that original lead couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will be making an appearance in the new movie as well and that they have already started filming.

The original lead stars and former lovers Efron and Hudgens were reportedly spotted on the HSM 4 set, according to Gamenguide. Though Disney has not released any official announcement yet on the role of the former couple, it is highly likely that they will be having a cameo and will not be starring as a regular cast member.

Fans are really hoping for a reunion especially after Efron posted a throwback photo with Hudgens and other original cast members, Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu.

Meanwhile, SCRIPT LEAK ALERT!! Fashion n Style reports that a script leak from HSM 4 reveals some similarities with the original film. In the audition script, there is a character named Peyton who loves soccer and basketball. Sounds familiar? Though it is not indicated in the script if the character is a male or female.

The script reads: ?It?s like the adults had a meeting and said ?You know how teenagers have a biological need to sleep late? Let?s make them go to school super-crazy early!??

The character?s lines continue with, ?Luckily I?ve got sports to keep me going. My family moves a lot for my dad?s job. Not great for making friends. But sports? They?re always there for me. I?ve got a jersey for every mood. Am I feeling Basketball, Football, or Soccer? Which one says, ?Today?s the Start of Something New?…YET AGAIN?? And finishes with, ?So ?Soccer,? you gonna help me ?Get My Head in the Game??!?

The new characters revealed are Erin, a soccer player who is an achiever and she?s also the only girl on the boy?s team. She?s falling for the bad boy of the team, Derek, who is actually a soft-hearted family guy and who is also a dance teacher to little girls at his family?s studio.

Erin?s bestfriend is a cheerleader, Nathalie. While Tamara is a cheerleader as well who wants to win back her popularity in school.

And lastly, Campbell, who happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evan?s cousin, is the soccer team captain and a theatre star who likes Erin.

See the similarities in the characters? And do you think the original cast will make an appearance?

High School Musical 4 will premiere sometime in 2017 on Disney Channel. Stay tuned for more news and updates on TheBitbag!

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