High School Musical 4 Update: Vanessa Hudgens Agrees To Work With Zac Efron As Guest Stars?

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A reunion between Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron could finally be happening soon. High School Musical (HSM) 4 update suggests that Hudgens had already agreed to work alongside her former love. Both of them starred in the lead roles of the original HSM and chances that they will appear on its fourth season as guest stars remain high. If they do, it will certainly bring hype and nostalgia to the teen romantic and comedy musical film.

Rumor has it that Hudgens and Efron were reconnected after the latter broke up with Sami Miro. It looks like they are in better terms now which could have encouraged Hudgens to finally say ?Yes? to being part of the newest High School Musical.

Efron is not confirmed to appear in the film yet. The actor recently posted a photo of the High School Musical cast on Instagram which sparked rumors that he would also agree to working with Hudgens again. By then, he is most likely done filming Baywatch.

According to reports, the former lovebirds may reprise their roles in the fourth installment. They could appear as alumni members in the TV musical. That means fans could see high school heartthrob, Troy, and smart girl, Gabriela again. If not, they could also be mentors to the new cast.

Meanwhile, fellow members of the original HSM may also be part of Season 4. Ashley Tisdale could play Mrs. Darbus’ assistant moderator in the theater club while Corbin Bleu could be a coach of a basketball team.

Many fans would surely be happy if the ex-couple’s casting will really materialize in High School Musical 4. Both parties of the former Disney stars have not released official confirmation about their involvement in the film. But with reports claiming that it is okay for both of them to work together again, we are getting more excited to see High School Musical 4 in 2017.

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