High School Musical 4 Cast: Leaked Script Reveals Troy Bolton-like Character

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High School Musical 4 is coming to the Disney Channel very soon and fans are in for a treat as a leaked script reveals that a Troy Bolton-like character will be playing on court/field and onstage in the upcoming installment.

The character in the script is named Peyton, who loves basketball, football and soccer, though it is not indicated if the character is male or female but we can already see the similarities with Zac Efron?s Troy Bolton. The leaked script goes:


(MORNING, getting ready for school)

It?s like the adults had a meeting and said: ?You know how

teenagers have a biological need to sleep late? Let?s make

them go to school super-crazy early!?

Luckily I?ve got sports to keep me going. My family

moves a lot for my dad?s job. Not great for making

friends. But sports? They?re always there for me.

I?ve got a jersey for every mood. Am I feeling Basketball

?FUN,? Football ?TOUGH? or Soccer ?FOCUSED??

Which one says, ?Today?s the Start of Something

New?YET AGAIN??.??

(Pretends to hold up Soccer jersey)

So ?Soccer,? you gonna help me ?Get My Head in the


While this is only an audition script, the character?s name could be changed in the actual movie. Other character names and descriptions have been unveiled as included in our previous report.

First, there?s Erin, a soccer player who is very talented, an achiever and she?s also the only girl on the boy?s team. She is falling for Derek, the bad boy of the team, who actually has a soft side as he is a family guy who is also a dance teacher to little girls at his family?s studio.

Nathalie is Erin?s bestfriend who is a cheerleader, while another cheerleader, Tamara, wants to win back her popularity in school.

Finally, there?s Campbell, who likes Erin and happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evan?s cousin. He is the soccer team captain and is also a theatre star like his cousins.

The characters for HSM 4 will be played by an all-new cast but you just can?t help but notice the similarities with the original characters, right? Fans old and new will surely be delighted as the new ensemble will bring out the music in all of us once again. Plus, we might see cameos from Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron as well.

High School Musical 4 will be released sometime in 2017 on Disney Channel. Stay tuned for more news and updates on TheBitbag!

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