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Hideously Reimagined: The Bosses from Soul Sacrifice

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Apart from the unique gameplay, Soul Sacrifice has changed the way we look at otherwise clich? choices in the boss industry. They took some old, familiar names and made them badder; in a good way. Here is TheBitBag?s look at some of these horrendous masterpieces


The Harpy

Yes, we had to get eaten to get this shot. You’re welcome.

Online lore describes Harpies as beautiful beasts. Gorgeous women with wonderful busts with bodies that can rip a grown man to shreds like a guitar solo. We would be happy dating a Harpy; very cheap dates. Just throw chocolates at them. They are the perfect combination of babe and boss rolled into one.

According to Soul Sacrifice lore, the Harpy started out as a beautiful woman, but due to a broken heart and a broken appetite, turned into one of the most unsettling bosses you would have to face early within the game.

The design shows a fat physique on top of a featherless bird. A formerly beautiful woman now made ugly with fangs and purple drool. It?s obvious she started out fat before she became a monster. We love the curls, though. They add a nice touch to her. It gives her a sort of tantrum-ish charm when you drop her HP to low levels and she starts stomping around. Don?t forget the hideous hole in her chest. When she starts sucking (literally), keep a distance and pray she vacuums someone else in before you.



The Phoenix

Most people would expect a bird. Pretty straightforward, right? The symbol of fiery immortality has been a common occurrence in games. When you say Phoenix, gamers will probably await respawns or revivals.

Soul Sacrifice took a nice turn here and didn?t use a bird as their archetype. No sir. They used a moth for this boss. The story behind the Phoenix is an interesting one as well. It still is connected to eternal life though. And the boss fight is a bit stressful. It uses attacks that kill itself and you. If you don?t time your shields or your dodges right, you?ll end up dead.


The Unicorn

Yes you?re reading this right. You have to fight a Unicorn in the game. As opposed to the usual background and image of a Unicorn, Soul Sacrifice gives it a bad-ass, antagonistic touch. This makes it easier to open up a can of beatdown on it without the guilty feeling.

This monster stems from an over-paranoid warrior who gets himself a suit of armor and becomes one with it. Leave it to the writers of Soul Sacrifice to come up with something as disturbing as that.


The Hydra

We all know the drill. Don?t cut off the heads individually. We?ve read it, played it, watched it, and probably even coached it on a few video games while watching our younger sibling do it wrong. The serpent with several heads has been a staple in most games. Even the notion of regenerating heads is kept intact.

Imagine a swordsman that can wield nine blades at the same time. Pretty good, right? Now mutate the poor fellow and turn him his hands into snakes with blades coming out of their mouths and an exposed digestive system underneath all that bulk. Still pretty good.

We would love to walk through all of the available bosses in the game but that would spoil the fun for everyone else. The BitBag expects more creative surprises like this in future developments and titles from the makers of this great title for the PS Vita.



All photos were taken on my PS Vita and uploaded from the same device.

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