Hideo Kojima Shows How Big Metal Gear Solid V is

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Metal Gear Solid V: Phatom Pain will be big compared to the previous?Ground Zeroes?installment?– This is how the man behind the?Metal Gear?franchise, Hideo Kojima,?describes the upcoming game. In his own words, Phantom Pain will be ?200? times bigger than Ground Zeroes, in terms of map size.

Kojima decided to show a chart?of the game in order to increase the hype with Metal Gear V?s presence in the upcoming E3 event in Los Angeles.

In a translated interview, courtesy of Kotaku?s Richard Eisenbeis, Kojima was not only bragging about the huge map size of the upcoming 5th installment in the Metal Gear series. He was also putting the other features into the spotlight, like the game?s dynamic weather and time that changes on their own. These factors will give players more diversity on how they will approach a certain mission. These will greatly change the overall game experience, according to Kojima.

In the same interview, Kojima also demonstrated some of the features in Phantom Pain, like the ability of players to use movable covers to hide while traversing. The popular cardboard box will be the first to come to mind when something like this is discussed, and it was.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom pain is surely going to be the ?bigger? game in the Metal Gear series, especially compared to its little brother Ground Zeroes. A lot of people had their negative thoughts about how Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes because it was extremely short. According to Kojima, the game was just a ?filler?, while they work on the bigger picture.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain could be out in the market by early 2015 according to a trusted reviews source.

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