Hideo Kojima Livestream For Nordic Game Conference: Watch Q&A Session For Kojima Production’s Next Game And Mascot Ludens

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Hideo Kojima

Famed Metal Gear creator and Kojima Productions founder, Hideo Kojima, might finally talk about his upcoming Playstation 4 and PC game via a livestream on May 19. The event will be a Question and Answer between Kojima and the audience. Here?s the livestream link if you?re interested in watching.

According to Gamespot, Kojima is currently in Sweden as he visited European video game companies such as DICE and Mojang. The former Metal Gear director?s Q&A panel on the Nordic Game Livestream might hold some specific info about his game studio?s PS4/PC game.

Prior to this event, his upcoming game has been noted to be an ?Action? game that?ll also please the fans of ?Uncharted? and ?The Division.? Additionally, Gamespot also reported that Kojima wanted his new game to extend its content to anime, manga and toys. Keeping Kojima?s wish in mind, this upcoming game may have interesting elements such as backstories or unique creations akin to Pokemon or Gundam that will be worth collecting.

After Kojima?s departure from Konami, he founded his own Kojima Productions company wherein he could continue creating games. According to another article by Gamespot, Kojima Productions then got their first work lined up with Sony, but had other companies offering work as well. Nobody has a clear idea on the upcoming Kojima game, so this Nordic Game Livestream may help you discover more about it. The livestream will soon be up in less than 12 hours so the wait won?t be long.

In other news, the Kojima Production?s logo isn?t just an image by itself but actually a head of their mascot named Ludens. Kojima Productions producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi told Gamespot that this mascot isn?t actually part of the game they?re creating. In appearance, Ludens looks like a cross between an astronaut?s space suit and a knight?s armor. Despite being confirmed that Ludens has no connection to the game, the interesting art style of Ludens? image may possibly tease Kojima Production?s quality in character designing.

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