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Hidden tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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The only way you can maximize your smartphone is if you know all the hidden tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. By itself, the S4 Mini is already a great, budget smartphone but it still isn?t the Galaxy S4. Still you can get this awesome device to work like a charm if you know about the following:


  • Swipe to call or text a specific contact.

On your contacts app, just swipe left or right to call or text the contact you?ve got your thumb on. Swipe right to immediately call the contact or swipe left to open the message app, with the contact already loaded onto the sent field. This saves you at least 1 tap on the screen to get to the call screen or message app.

  • Turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini into a universal remote.

We think the reason that not a lot of people use this app is because it isn?t pushed that much as a great feature, and it takes a little tech know-how to set up. Simply go to the WatchON app and turn on your TV. Go through the instructions to set up your TV with your smartphone remote. Once that?s done, add the remote control as a widget to your home screen so you just have to unlock your phone to control your TV, DVR and set-top box.

  • Use two fingers to swipe down from the top of the screen for the best settings menu.

You don?t have to go to your app drawer to access settings for NFC, your mobile data, aur gestures and the like. Swipe down with two fingers and you?ll see almost all the settings you need to toggle in the menu. Tap and hold to go to the settings app and customize the menu there.

  • Pop-up keyboard for multitasking functions.

If you need to text or copy something from an image, but the keyboard is blocking you, simply pop-up the keyboard and drag it around the screen. Just tap the settings icon next to the space bar on the on-screen keyboard. Select the icon of the keyboard with a plus sign and watch the keyboard float up.

  • Save on cellular data with the Wi-Fi Timer.

Go to Settings>Connections>Wi-Fi>Advanced>Wi-Fi Timer,?then set which time period you want to allow your phone to connect using Wi-Fi. This is a great setting for people who work in offices with a BYOD policy.

  • Use Screen Mirroring with other Samsung devices.

As long as you have a Samsung SMART TV, laptop, tablet or other phone, you can project your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini screen onto that device. Simply make sure that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, and wait to detect each other. Choose ?Screen Mirroring? from your quick settings menu (swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen anytime) and now you have two identical screens!


Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini isn?t as powerful or large as its big brother, the Galaxy S4, Samsung made sure that the user experience doesn?t suffer, and you get the same functionality and awesome features.

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