Hidden High Resolution Panoramic Screenshots from Sony’s Open World Survival Game H1Z1 Site

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There are more than dozens of Open World Survival Zombie games out in the open already and it is slowly coming to a point that the genre is becoming gradually overused. It might not be long until the genre of the undead will be ?dead?. Thanks to ?certain games like DayZ and Rust, the game is far from that point right now, but Sony?s not going to let these games hog all the action by themselves with their upcoming game of the same genre, H1Z1.

As to be expected from a giant corporation, H1Z1 will definitely be an open world zombie game worth checking out. It has all the factors of an effective survival game set in an open world that you can explore freely. Based from the screenshots, the world is pretty amazing (and ?pretty? too in some way)

If you would check the official website of the game here, you?d see nothing but a dark and empty space with some chilly background music or sound effect. One might even think that the site did not load properly and will refresh it several times to see if it will work. After a couple of attempts, users will see a picture of a zombie from the game with the name of ?Fred?. Not much information about this zombie as to whether it is a unique zombie in the game or just one of the usual zombie ?breeds?.

But ?Fred? isn?t the highlight of the easter eggs to be seen on the site. By looking at the left part of the picture, you will notice that there is a blinking light. This light happens to be a morse code that actually leads to a URL showcasing a panoramic screenshot from the game?s environment.

Just recently, another one was found through a reversed audio track of a creepy female voice spelling the url of another screenshot, which, in turn, had another screenshot url hidden in the image. Sony?s good with easter eggs, but this will definitely have gamers drool for more with the upcoming release of H1Z1.

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