Spotted the Hidden Cat Yet? We Haven’t Either!

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And it?s another round of find the hidden something. Time and time again, someone posts what turns out to be a viral image, asking to find a specific thing; and yes, the Internet goes crazy doing it. Keep your eyes glued folks because you?d probably miss it! We did the panda among the snowmen, we?ve searched for the hidden cat in a bunch of owls and there was even that dratted carpet holding a phone. For some masochistic reason, netizens of all age and size love spending hours torturing themselves with these kinds of pictures. All this just makes our eyes (and our hearts) bleed.

In the latest case of hidden images, there has been a picture of a bunch of logs in the outdoors where another hidden cat supposedly resides in. In case you missed it, here?s the picture again:


Maybe you have eagle eyes but for the life of me, I can?t spot that cat anywhere. Is this some sort of Internet hoax designed to make fools of us pouring over this picture? Well apparently not because once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

Cats love lying around in all kinds of nooks and crannies and this nimble one is actually ?hiding? in plain sight. The color of its fur blends perfectly with the strips of logs stacked up. That hidden cat is so relaxed up on its log, it has its eyes closed, which I think is the main reason why it is so darn hard to spot it.

Give up? Look to the middle stack and see a light colored ginger cat stretched out on top of the stack. Spotted it yet? Here?s a visual aid to help us spot this?cheeky Cheshire.


And the Internet has yet again been ?outcated? by this furry feline.

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