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Hero’s Song Game Cancelled After Release Date Hype, Refunds To Be Offered As Pixelmage Games Closes

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Hero's Song Game
Screenshot from Pixelmage Youtube channel

Hero’s Song Game has been cancelled two months after its release date was hyped via Steam Early Access. What?s worse is that its cancellation will also close down its creator, Pixelmage Games.

The studio is headed by John Smedley, who is formerly from Daybreak Games/Sony Online Entertainment.

Closed before debut title?s launch

Hero?s Song ?was supposed to be the company?s debut title. It was previously described as an “open-world roguelike fantasy action RPG.” It can be played solo or with a group of up to 25 other gamers.


Screenshot from Pixelmage Youtube channel

Smedley announced the studio?s closure via Twitter last December 26. “It breaks my heart to have to do this,” he tweeted, alongside a link to Pixelmage?s website.

The homepage contains the official statement about the studio closing down.

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Why Hero’s Song Game development was stopped

The creator shared how they are ceasing development on Hero?s Song game. “For the last year, our team has worked tirelessly to make the game we’ve dreamed about making,? Smedley said.

The group was supposedly aware that a lot of gaming startups do not make it. However, the indie studio hoped for the best when the Steam Early Access release date of Hero?s Song game arrived.

However, sales reportedly did not reach the amount that they needed to proceed with development. Gamespot reported that the team intended to fund the game via Kickstarter. It had a target of $800,000 in addition to $1 million that was supposedly already raised.

Unfortunately, the campaign was canceled after a slow start with just $137,000 after one week.

This ultimately caused Hero?s Song game to get cancelled.


Screenshot from Pixelmage Youtube channel

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How to refund

Pixelmage also released refund details alongside their official statement. ?Anyone who purchased the game is entitled to a full refund,? they reassured gamers.

Those who purchased the title through Steam can go through the site?s normal refund process. Indiegogo buyers need to send an email with the necessary information to get their money back.

Pixelmage seems optimistic that they would eventually bounce back from their painful debut. ?We feel strongly that we gave it our all,? they said. Reps said that though they did not reach the official Hero?s Song game release date, they are still very proud of how far they got. ?

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