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Heroes Of The Storm Update Nerfs Anub’arak; Free Hero Promo Ends Today

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A new balance patch is coming to Heroes of the Storm this Wednesday. On the game?s official website, Blizzard outlined the incoming changes. Three heroes are being tweaked in this update.

Heroes of the Storm Update Incoming

First off, Leoric the Skeleton King is getting some buffs. The damage and healing percentage of his Drain Hope ability are getting increases across the board while his Willing Vessel talent is also getting a bump.

On the other side of the coin, Anub?Arak is getting hit with the nerf hammer. The king of the Nerubians is taking a slight hit to his survivability as his base health and health regeneration rate are being decreased slightly.

Medivh, on the other hand, is receiving some more drastic changes. Released earlier this month to coincide with the premiere of the Warcraft movie, the iconic character has been a very polarizing pick in most match-ups. Right now, Medivh shines with a well-coordinated group of players but is terrible in casual play.

In PC gamer?s analysis of the character, they mention that he possesses a paltry overall win rate of just 26 percent. However, if you break the numbers down by tier, you?ll see that Medivh?s performance starts to increase considerably in higher ranked leagues.

In the patch notes, Blizzard says that they?re reworking Medivh to make him a bit less dependent on his teammates.

?We realize Medivh?s success is typically reliant on how much the rest of his team capitalizes on his abilities – so we have given him a bit more baseline power, which we hope will allow him to make a greater individual impact on a game?s outcome,? said Blizzard.

Aside from the balance patch, today also marks the final day of Heroes of The Storm?s?free-to-play event. All of the game?s heroes are currently available for use, so if you want to try out any of these heroes before the patch hits, now is your chance.

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