Heroes Reborn Produces Two Video Games For Consoles and Mobile

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Heroes Reborn: Enigma will star Dahlia who will also make appearances in the TV series

The announcement of the Heroes: Reborn TV mini-series on NBC which will include elements of the 1st season of Heroes, has excited many attendees at the 2015 Comic Con in San Diego. The people from Heroes however doesn?t seem contented as they released via trailer two Heroes Reborn?game spin-offs, namely ?Heroes Reborn: Enigma? and ?Heroes Reborn: Gemini?, which will serve as a prequel to the new TV mini-series.

Both games will be played in the first person perspective and will be powered by Epic?s Unreal Engine 4.? Both will be released in September to coincide with the mini-series? airing and Heroes Creator Ti Kring will oversee the development of the games.

Heroes: Reborn will follow-up the events of the show when Claire Bennet revealed her power to the public, but people didn?t respond positively and formed a movement to hunt people with super powers.

?I think the core fantasy of Heroes that had appealed to so many people around the world was this fantasy fulfillment or the idea of an ordinary person who discovers within themselves extraordinary powers,? Game Designer Bard Santos told IGN.

?They go through that experience of becoming something more and engaging in an epic struggle and kind of live that fantasy. That?s really at the core of the experience in both our games,? he added.

You can watch the game?s announcement trailer here:

Heroes Reborn: Gemini

Gameplay of Heroes Reborn: Gensis showing the main villain.

Gameplay of Heroes Reborn: Gensis showing the main villain. Photo courtesy of IGN.

Heroes Reborn: Gemini is an action-adventure game who features a new character named Cassandra. In the game, you must utilize your time-travel and telekinesis powers to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. It will be released on consoles and PC.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Heroes Reborn

Heroes: Reborn star Dahlia will also make an appearance in the TV series

Heroes Reborn: Enigma is a standalone game action-puzzle game for mobile devices and will utilize the Unreal 4 Engine. The game features Dahlia, a 14 year-old younger sister of Cassandra. Dahlia will need to use her powers to escape a government facility called Quarry. Dahlia will be making cameo appearances in the show.

?One thing that I?d like to stress is that our mobile game is not a companion app,? Santos told IGN. ?Our mobile game, Enigma, is a very strong, standalone product that tells its own story and is really a complete experience in itself. But also, it ties back nicely to our core game, which is Gemini, and the TV series,? he added.

Both games are being developed by Phosphor games who are known for their mobile titles WWE Immortals, and Horn and The Dark Meadow. They have also worked on movie-tie in games such as Man of Steel and World War Z.

The Heroes Reborn mini-series will air on September 24 on NBC. You can watch the TV mini-series? trailer here:

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