Heroes Reborn Premiere: A Bad Start Says Fans?

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The premiere of Heroes Reborn was premiered but many are not happy about the mini-series opener.

Superhero TV series are now the trend in television, from the recent hits like Smallville and to the current greats like Arrow, The Flash and Daredevil.? It is not a surprise when the Heroes series gets a return after almost a decade later, but will the Heroes Reborn sequel leave a big impact or will it leave the fans unimpressed?

The two-hour series premiere was a letdown, according to TVMoeJoe?s tweet, the TV viewership of Heroes Reborn premiere dropped significantly after every half hour, from the initial 7 million views to a 5.5 million at the end of the premiere. If only garnered a low 2.1 rating from the 18-49 viewership range from its popular Thursday primetime slot, it then went lower to 1.9 at the end of the episode, which was really a disappointing start.

But from the looks of the series premiere, it has several bad points that could have caused the drop on the TV ratings. One of them was the build-up of the story, the viewers could not care much on the story due to the flimsy build-up of the characters. Another problem that haunt the premiere was the different flashbacks in certain points in the timeline, as much as it is nice to provide some explanation from the previous series, it just made it more confusing to other audiences, especially to the new ones, it gives the audience a hard time to catch up on the pacing. This sometimes force the viewers to backtrack the previous four seasons of Heroes just to get an idea to the current new series, the series opener alienates the new audience as the producers expected that these fans have made their homework about the original Heroes series, which is a bad idea.

Hopefully these issues from the premiere episode would be remedies so long-time and upcoming fans of the series will be able to enjoy the series and would not turn them off that might result in a premature end to the miniseries.

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