Heroes Reborn Cast And Release Date: Returning Characters, New Heroes And Villains Revealed

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Excited over the return of the Heroes TV series? Then it is time to meet the major characters in the new series. With the returning series getting some new characters, let us take a look at the whole list of major characters that will be focused on Heroes Reborn.

Returning characters

  • Noah Bennet

The former agent of The Company; an organization that tracks down evolved humans and prevents them from being exposed to the public, where he became the field manager and trainer. He is the adopted father of Claire Bennet; who has the ability to regenerate her body faster.


  • Micah Sanders

The son of Niki Sanders and D.L. Hawkins; both who are also evolved humans. Micah created an underground railway called Ellen, where it helps evolved human fugitives escape. He has the ability to manipulate technology.


  • Matt Parkman

A detective of the Los Angeles Police Department. As an evolved human, he has the ability of telepathy.


  • Ren?

Also known as The Haitan, a former member of The Company and partner of Noel Bennet. He has the ability to control minds.


  • Hiro Nakamura

A former programmer for Yamagato Industries. Hiro has the ability to bend space and time, which allows him to travel in time or teleport in different areas.


  • Mohinder Suresh

Suresh evolved human ability is the enchanced strength, where he acquired by injecting himself with a compound created from Maya’s Adrenaline. He is a genetics professor in India who research in evolved humans.


  • Angela Petrelli

The last surviving founder of The Company and became the leader of the organization, the mother of Peter and Nathan Petrelli. She has the ability to see the future through dreams.

Confirmed new characters

  • Emily

The girl that Tommy had a crush on, Will be portrayed by Gatlin Green


  • Carlos

An Afghanistan war veteran who fights crime under the alias “El Vengador”, will be played by Ryan Guzman


  • Tommy Clark

He has the ability to make things disappear, his friend and Emily tries to help him to see his ability in a positive perspective. Played by Robbie Kay


  • Erica Kravid

The head of the tech conglomerate Renautas. Will be played by Rya Kihlstedt


  • Luke Collins

A father who seeks for revenge for the death of his child, will be portrayed by Zachary Levi


  • Phoebe Frady

She has the ability of umbrakinesis; an ability to manipulate light and shadow, she had an appearance during the Dark Matters webseries. Will be portrayed by Aislinn Paul.


  • Joanne Collins

A vigilante who is seeking to avenge the tragic loss of her child with her husband Luke Collins, will be portrayed by Judith Shekoni


  • Miko Otomo

She tries to track down her missing father and a secret that will make her a powerful evolved human. Will be played by Kiki Sukezane.


  • Malina

A teenager with the ability to control all the elements, she will be played by Danika Yarosh


  • Quentin Frady

A conspiracy theorist, he also has an appearance in the Dark Matters webseries. He will be played by Henry Zebrowski.


So far there are more characters to be revealed soon, but we can find out more once Heroes Reborn premieres on September 24 and will only have 13 episodes.

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