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Heroes Of The Storm Update: Silence Penalty Given To Abusive Players!

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The latest update for Heroes of the Storm adds an anti-toxic measure to keep the game less from trashtalks.

The newest feature will be the Silence Penalty in an attempt to prevent a toxic community in the highly competitive environment. What Silence Penalty does is that whenever a player was reported for abusive chat in repetitive times, the reported player will not be able to communicate with his/her chat function, this includes in-game, general, private chats and other custom chat channels, however suspended player can still send private messages to other players that are under their friend list.

The penalty will have a 24-hour effect on affected players and each subsequent penalty will be doubled in duration, and the worst part, there is no maximum amount of time a player can be silenced. To identify a player that was imposed with a Silence Penalty, a special orange bubble speech is place next to the affected player?s name. To learn more about the Silence Penalty, you can check out Heroes of the Storm official blog.


Aside from the Silence Penalty, there are new improvements and content added to the game, and this includes the new hero. Rexxar was a popular character in the Warcraft III game and was finally given a Heroes of the Storm treatment, the new hero will have his trusty sidekick Misha the bear as a special trait, Misha will have its own health bar and will follow Rexxar the whole time, and you can command Misha to follow or attack nearby enemies. When killed, Misha will respawn next to Rexxar when the death timer expires, however if Rexxar gets killed, so does Misha. You can learn more about Rexxar?s skills and abilities by heading to the patch notes link from the Heroes of the Storm website.

Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play massive online battle arena game from Blizzard Entertainment and it is now available for the PC, you can download the game right here.

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