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Heroes of the Storm: Learning the Talent System

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Do you want to get a head start from all the players before even playing the much anticipated game? Then here?s your chance! The development team of Heroes of the Storm just made a tutorial video introducing the new talent system for the game.

The talent system seems pretty straightforward to be honest. Like any other popular MOBA (although Blizzard doesn?t consider their game as one), you learn new skills every time you level up. But the big difference between them and Heroes of the Storm is that you don?t actually earn gold or money during the game. Instead, the game revolves more on getting levels rather than ?farming? for items. This could prove to be interesting later on especially when the game goes competitive.

Watch the tutorial as they guide you ?through the talent system?using one of the many heroes in the game, Muradin.

Furthermore, you should also know that there are different maps in Heroes of the Storm unlike Dota or League of Legends, which only has one. As mentioned in the tutorial, each map may require you to use skills differently in every hero. This opens up a lot of possible strategies and hero combinations as the game progresses because of the effectiveness of heroes on certain maps. This new MOBA concept will definitely make the game more complex, less ?one-dimensional,? and possibly more exciting for the viewers.

Last week, Blizzard just started sending alpha invites for Heroes of the Storm outside the U.S. If you still haven?t registered for a possible invite, you can go check our guide?, which we made last week, and learn how to get one.

Heroes of the Storm is the upcoming MOBA/Brawler game from Blizzard. The game is only in its technical alpha stage, meaning only invited players can ?get access. The game is also expected to experience server wipes in this phase where players? accounts will be refreshed as if they were new ones.

Image Source: Heroes of the Storm Official

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