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Heroes Of The Storm: Hero Brawler or MOBA?

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Blizzard?s latest game offering is also its first entry into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ? Heroes of The Storm. Gamers from all over?the world were invited to test and play this online game.

This game promises to be a brawl among different heroes of ?Blizzard Universe. Various characters from Diablo to Starcraft teamed up and fight for the glory and honor of beating the?enemy to a pulp.

Various battle grounds are diverse and each holds a secret that your character must unlock. As your team battles it out with the other teams, minions can be used to harass your enemy.

Talent System:

Unlike in other MOBA games, accumulating gold to progress your hero is useless here. The only way that you could make your hero to progress up is through Talent System. Once your hero enters a match and reaches a certain level, the game will provide a number of talents that you can use in?increasing or customizing your hero’s built. To know more about the talent system, watch this video.


Based on the Heroes of the Storm?s official site, you have 26 heroes to choose from.

These heroes come from three Blizzard Universes of Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft.

The heroes are?classified in four groups:


  • Muradin The Mountain King
  • Tyrael The Archangel of Justice
  • Arthas The Lich King
  • Diablo The Lord of Terror
  • E.T.C. The Rock God
  • Barbarian The Wanderer of the North
  • Stitches The Terror of Darkshire


  • Kerrigan The Queen of the Blades
  • Tychus The Notorious Outlaw
  • Raynor The Renegade Commander
  • Demon Hunter ? Vengeance Incarnate
  • Illidan The Betrayer
  • Falstad The Wildhammer Thane
  • Nova The Dominion Ghost
  • Zeratul The Dark Prelate


  • Brightwing The Faerie Dragon
  • Li Li The World Wanderer
  • Tassadar The Savior of the Templar
  • Malfurion The Archdruid
  • Tyrande The High Priestess of Elune
  • Uther The Light Bringer


  • Murky The Baby Murloc
  • Witch Doctor The Umbaru Heretic
  • Gazlowe The Boss of Ratchet
  • Abathur The Evolution Master

Image Source: Building the Nexus: Talent System – YouTube

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