Heroes of The Storm: Diablo, Starcraft and Warcarft’s Battle for Supermacy

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Nintendo started the tradition of putting together characters from its different games, in order to create a mash up free for all fight. A number of game developers soon followed like Marvel Heroes, a multiplayer online game composed of various Marvel characters.

Blizzard has followed this trend and is now launching a mashed up game of its own. “Heroes of the Storm” is the latest game offered by Blizzard for the gaming public.

Is it a MOBA or Team Brawler?

The game will gather characters from the Blizzard universe, namely?Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft. Observers and critics will quickly label it as a multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA. Richard Khoo, the senior game designer, begs to disagree.

Khoo says, ?We call it a team brawler. When you kill the enemies, you gain experience, and that actually adds to your entire team. So the efforts by your allies in other areas will add to your team. You win and lose as a team?.

The senior designer explains that some online games concentrate on?an?individual, but Heroes of the Storm plans to encourage team play from the very beginning until end.

Khoo adds, ?We don?t want any really selfish mechanics. We?ll still call people out for doing a good job, but without any personal recourse gain, so it doesn?t matter so much. This means you can focus more on the game that?s ahead of you?.

Heroes of the Storm ? A Hybrid

The game seems to be a cross between a MOBA and a Blizzard strategy game. The game?s control is familiar to Blizzard gamers, using mouse and plenty of keyboard shortcuts.

Khoo promises a fast paced action for the fans, “Only minutes into a game, you?ll have a massive battle going on.”

Blizzcon : The Game

The battle arena can be quite bizarre with space marines battling dwarves or demons. The inspiration for the game came from the huge banners which show characters from Blizzard?s different games sharing a pose.

Khoo shares, ?Diablo fighting Tyrael? That?s normal, but Diablo fighting Raynor, fighting Uther? That?s awesome?.

Currently, the game is still in closed alpha stage but a beta version will soon be available within a few months.

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