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Hero Progress and Reward Changes in Heroes of the Storm

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It?s been a month since the last major update from Heroes of the Storm. In the previous patch, we saw Blizzard try the ?Underdog Bonus? system and replace the trickle XP bonus, which so far has received mixed reactions from the community. Meanwhile, this patch focuses on the out-of-game leveling system and rewards.

Players can now track the Experience Points and Rewards with each hero. There?s now an XP bar to monitor the progress of every hero and you will able to see which Leveling System Rewards you have already earned, as well as the ones you have yet to unlock.

Players also no longer need to reach player level 10 before starting to level up your heroes. Unlike the previous system, the new patch will enable you to start earning XP toward Hero Progress from the first game you play with the hero. This means you can start your individual hero progress even when your account is new!

As mentioned, Hero Progress starts now from level 1 and rewards will be given as you gain more levels. The level cap is currently set to 10 which means you have unlocked all possible rewards.

Hero LevelReward
1Heroes Start Here
2Second Heroic Ability
3Six Additional Talents
4All Remaining Talents
5500 Gold
6Hero Portrait / Mount Variation 1
7Skin Variation 1
8Skin Variation 2
9Hero Master Portrait / Mount Variation 2
10Master Skin Unlocked

Heroic Ability

Following the patch, each Hero will begin with one Heroic Ability, and the second can be unlocked by reaching Level 2.


Talents are no longer completely unlocked for all Heroes at once by achieving player level 8. Instead, each Hero begins with two Talent choices available at each tier of in-game Talent selection. Six additional Talents, one for each tier, can be unlocked by reaching Hero Level 3. All of a Hero?s remaining Talents will become available at Hero level 4.

Hero Portraits

Hero Portraits are now unlocked on an individual basis by reaching level 6 with each Hero. Upon reaching Level 9, you?ll unlock that Hero?s Master Portrait, which features a shiny golden border.

Skin Variations

At levels 7 and 8, you?ll unlock Skin variations. With these, each Skin you own (including a Hero?s base model) offers three different options for customizing the look of your Hero in-game, for free!

Mount Variations

Mount variations will unlock at Hero levels 6 and 9. Much like Skin variations, Mount variations allow you to customize the steeds you ride into combat.

Master Skin

At level 10, you?ll unlock the ability to purchase a Hero?s Master Skin with Gold, which you can use to show off your prowess with that Hero in-game. Just like other Skins, a Master Skin features two variations, which you?ll have already unlocked by reaching level 10. This means that once you?ve purchased a Hero?s Master Skin, you?ll immediately be able to use its variations in-game.

There will also be a couple of changes in the Leveling System rewards. As before, you still earn gold by leveling up, and you?ll receive 1000 gold for reaching 2 and 4. The free Hero rotation slot is also moved from level 7 to 8 and players now get an extra second slot that you can unlock if you reach level 10. Blizzard also added gold rewards towards the higher levels to keep you going.

Aside from progress rewards, players can now get more gold through playing Cooperative and Versus modes and completing daily quests. Winning Cooperative games will now award you with 40 gold; while Versus games will give you 40 gold for wins and 10 gold for losses. As for the daily quests, Blizzard has lowered the gold reward to 200 instead of 250 or 500 upon completion.

We?ll see in the following weeks if the community will be satisfied with the changes. Remember that?Heroes of the Storm?is still in its Technical Alpha patch, which means only invited players can play. If you want to receive an invite, check out our?post?on how to get one.

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