Here’s where you will find the best homes for your vacation trips

This platform doesn’t list many homes, just the right ones that pass their global standard.

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Planning the next best vacation trip might be a daunting task. Take choosing accommodation as an example. There are tons of reviews from various strangers that it becomes overwhelming. Well, you don’t need to scour the internet to find the perfect accommodation for your vacation, because The Plum Guide did the hard work for you.

The Plum Guide is an online booking platform that sets a global standard for vacation homes and rentals. You no longer have to rely on various ratings from strangers because now, there’s this website that discovered the “science behind the perfect stay.”

Their curation of the best vacation houses doesn’t end in their list. This website takes it high up a notch by reviewing every home available in their selected destination and picks the top 3% in each price bracket to give the Plum Award, a new global quality mark for vacation homes. This may be the only mark of quality you’ll need in terms of vacation rentals,

This award is based on “the world’s most meticulous home” test by Home Critics to assure every guest that they feature only the homes with the highest quality on the platform — from shower pressure to WiFi speed and design credentials.

Whatever kind of trip you are planning, you can slash accommodations in your list of worries and head on to The Plum Guide, because, “If it’s on Plum Guide, you can expect consistent, high-quality standards.”