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Here’s the real meat treat that will get your cute pups jumping for joy!

Made from 100% real chicken with no nasties!

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Paw parents have lost faith in jerky dog treats in the last few years. Some research found feeding it to dogs could lead to illnesses. But these findings only pertain to jerky treats with too much sugar and preservatives, and it does not mean there are no healthy ones out there. You only need to do your research and ensure you buy the safest and best dog jerky treats from reputable manufacturers, like the American Paws.

American Paws makes pet treats with only the highest quality ingredients. They take utmost care in ensuring that every package is free from anything that would harm our best furry friend.

Their Chicken Jerky Treats uses all-natural USA chicken breast as its only ingredient — the same high-quality chicken breast you eat with your family. Instead of being polluted with artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors, this mouthwatering Jerky delivers 79% protein and all the chewy and texture your dog craves.

American Paws uses a natural dehydration process to produce a jerky treat that does not have chemical preservatives. This process makes their products naturally safe, healthy, and naturally yummy for our dogs.

The chicken jerky treats can also support and address your pet’s health issues because it has variants specific to your dog’s bones, joints, skin, or coat.

Chicken jerky products work great as a training tool or simply as a motivational reward for our dogs. With American Paws Chicken Jerky Treats, your dogs can enjoy healthy treats without having to worry about the consequence of consuming unnatural ingredients.

$18.99Get your free shipping now!

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