Here’s how you can prevent booby sweats even before it happens

Say goodbye to your chest sweats with this vegan antiperspirant!

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Scorching summer weather, intense workouts, or test jitters, — these are just some situations that can send your sweat glands into overdrive. We can sweat just about anywhere on our bodies – and for the ladies, the very worst kind of sweat is definitely boob sweat! When it happens, it can be uncomfortable, annoying, and embarrassing. It can also cause other problems, from chafing to underboob rash and other skin irritations.

Thankfully, Carpe worked with some of the best and most experienced skincare creators, dermatologists, and a team of sweaty people desperate for a solution to develop this sweat-absorbing lotion — the Carpe’s Sweat Absorbing Breast Lotion.

This wonder lotion is a quick-drying, smooth finish solution that absorbs sweat and moisture formulated with skin protection ingredients to keep you feeling fresh, clean, and of course, dry. Think of it as deo but not for the armpits, but your underboobs.

It is composed of a blend of unique powders with a touch of witch hazel and vitamin B3 to help you look and feel dry. The ingredients used in this formulation are all vegan, cruelty-free, talc-free, and have calming extracts of rosemary, sunflower, rice, and apple for better and safer use.

How to use Carpe’s Sweat Absorbing Breast Lotion?

Apply Carpe Breast Lotion in the morning, every morning, on a dry chest. A dime-sized amount should be enough for a single application.

Here’s how Carpe’s Breast Lotion helped ladies cured their sweaty boobs:

Some lotions can leave a sticky feeling in your skin, but Carpe’s Sweat Absorbing Breast Lotion is specifically designed to absorb sweat, leaving your chest sweat-free and dry even in the most intense and extreme situations.


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