Here?s How To Know Who Deleted You on Facebook

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New app lets you know who unfriended you in Facebook.

Are you planning to weed out some so-called ?friends? in your Facebook account? You might want to hold on that thought ? your friend might find out!

That?s right. There?s no escaping Facebook now. App creator and Exeter-based developer Anthony Kuske, just created an iOS and Android app called Who Deleted Me On Facebook. And it does exactly that.

By downloading the app, and registering using your FB account, you get all the information you need of your friends in Facebook. Using Who Deleted Me On Facebook, you get to see your colleagues according to the following tabs: New, You Deleted, Deleted You, Deactivated, and Current.

The list of friends of course, will come from your database of friends from Facebook, so even those that already ?unfriended? you actually pops out. And if that information is not enough, it can even tell you the exact time they did it.

You can now find out who deleted you on FB

New app determines who deleted you on Facebook.

How it works

The new app is pretty straightforward. You just tap on a friends’ name and the app will then launch their Facebook profile within the app?s interface. Aside from telling you which friends have turned their backs on you, the app also labels your contacts with a “last seen” timestamp, so you get to keep track of the last time they logged into Facebook. Just what a budding stalker needs.

Harry Potter Reference

The Who Deleted Me On Facebook app seem to have taken inspiration from the Marauder?s Map browser extension that was launched last year, in the sense that it also mines information from the social media giant.

Designed by Aran Khanna, a Computer Science and Mathematics student from Harvard, the app allows people to ?creepily? track their friend?s whereabouts. The information comes from Facebook?s location tracker that instantly turn on the moment a user opens his FB Messenger.

Much like the wizarding world?s Marauders Map of Harry Potter which can pinpoint a person?s exact location, the browser extension also works in a much similar manner. However, this feature has been discontinued after Facebook demanded Khanna to stop. The extension proved to be very popular, exceeding API limits.

Going back to Who Deleted Me On Facebook app, it also keeps track of your number of friends (because who wouldn?t want to know that), and can determine if they are online or not. Users have the freedom to swipe their friends off a list. Of course, there?s always that danger of your friends doing the same.


It seems there are log-in issues regarding this app, and scores only 1 star in the iTunes store.

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