Here’s an award-winning dental kit system for dogs recommended by veterinarians!

And, it’s the only dog toothpaste made with three enzymes. Cleaning your dog’s teeth is as easy as one-chew-three!

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Even dogs should take care of their oral health, because why not? You do not want them licking you with a funky smell inside their mouths. But as fur parents, it’s almost impossible to get your furry best friend to be still while brushing their teeth. But don’t worry! The Bark Box Bright Dental can help your dogs to clean their teeth!

Bark Box Bright Dental is the first and only daily dual toothpaste and dental stick system to keep your dog’s funky breath and plaque buildup under control. The dental stick acts as that dry toothbrush to do the initial cleaning, and the toothpaste does the work of breaking down soft plaque and continues to do so long after your dog has finished chewing.

This dental kit even got recognition as the easiest and most effective dog dental system on the market and was awarded by TIME as one of the best inventions in 2019.

Made with real chicken for a flavor your dog will love, the toothpaste and dental sticks work together to scrub your dog’s teeth and break down problem-causing debris. The Bark Bright system begins working immediately for fresher breath, whiter teeth, and a healthier mouth-long after your dog’s finished chomping. It’s a daily routine that your dog will love.

How does Bright Dental Kit work?

There are just two daily steps, and you only need to do one yourself. First, squeeze the toothpaste along the deep groove of the dental stick, then give it to your dog and let them do the rest! The gentle abrasion of the chewing action helps expose more plaque on the tooth surface to the enzymes already found in your dog’s mouth. The Bright toothpaste is special as it has three enzymes that break down the debris that causes bad breath. Together this trio turbocharges your dog’s natural self-cleaning process to keep breath fresh, no toothbrush required. Don’t worry about your pets making a mess! The toothpaste is water-based, so it will not stain carpets or other fabrics.

Bright Dental saves you time from taking your dogs to the vet, but you can also make sure they maintain their oral health as healthy as possible.

Here is what everyone is saying about Bright Dental Kit:

"My dog’s breath is GROSS. These have been a life saver. She likes them & actually eats them (we are 2 weeks in and she’s not sick of them yet) and they actually do help her breath!"

— Vanessa Castro, Amazon Customer