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Here’s a wearable wellness device that imitates touch to help you deal with stress

Achieve a stress-free day by improving your resilience to stress with this wearable band.

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Stress is hard to deal with — that’s a given. But thanks to Dr. Rabin and his wife, they have created Apollo Neuro to help you manage stress by improving your overall wellness.

Apollo is a smart-wearable band developed by scientists that uses touch technology based on gentle waves of vibrations to improve your physical and mental balance. The company believes touch can change how a person feels, and this device’s vibrations are designed to mimic a human touch for you to improve your inner balance, especially on how you deal with stress.

When stress occurs, it kicks off a fight-or-flight response, making it difficult for us to focus, relax or maintain the sleep we need to recharge and recover, leaving our body consistently tired. Apollo Neuro reverses these effects of stress with touch-mimicking vibrations. When the body feels the rhythm of the Apollo vibrations, it automatically recognizes it as a soothing gentle touch, just like a friend hugging you on a bad day.

This smart device can also connect to an app

With its seven modes, you can control how you want to feel, with customizable settings for the duration and intensity of the experience.

“Apollo is based on the sense of touch – how touch makes us feel safe, and how touch has always been the single, most important way for us to convey to each other that we are safe.”

In these abnormal times, it’s not surprising to hear yourself and your friends repetitively telling how stressed you all are. Let Apollo Neuro help you improve your well-being and win this stressful battle.