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Here’s a simple solution to help your babies and kids sleep soundly

Fill the room with white noises and help your kids create and maintain a healthy sleeping habit

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As far as parenting concerns go, getting your baby or kids to sleep is not the easiest and most loved task by these youngsters. If they ever sleep, any movements would wake them, and trust me, the noise of a grumpy child interrupted with his/her sleep will be the nastiest sound you will ever hear. But, there’s a solution. Meet Hatch Rest Mini, a device that will accompany your child to sleep.
Hatch Mini Rest is a smart machine that produces white noise sound to help your little ones maintain and create healthy sleeping habits with soothing sounds created by sleep experts.

The device connects to WiFi and can be controlled remotely through the Hatch Sleep app, allowing parents to change sounds, adjust volume levels, and alter the timer setting settings without waking their little ones.

Features that help Hatch Mini Rest bring better sleep include:

  1. Soothing sounds: Create the dream sleep environment that works for your family by choosing from 8 different options, including white noise, ocean, water, rain, soft wind, chirping birds, steady heartbeat, and a dryer.
  2. Control remotely: No more tip-toeing! Control sounds, timer, and volume from the other room with the simple Hatch Sleep companion app on iOS and Android devices.
  3. Custom timer: Set sounds to play for any custom duration, whether for just a few minutes to help kids drift off or all night for a consistent, calming sleep space.
  4. Easy-touch controls: Play, stop, skip, or adjust Rest Mini’s volume with easy-to-use touch controls on the device.

Hatch Mini Rest can help kids ease into a sleep routine so bedtime can be easier for them and for you.


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