Here’s a revolutionary device that ensures you won’t wake up to a snoring partner anymore

This device is a life-changing sleep solution so that snoring doesn’t get in the way of a long, uninterrupted sleep

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Does your sleep always get interrupted because of your partner’s loud snoring? You’re not alone! Thanks to Smart Nora, you can now begin to enjoy uninterrupted sleep from now on. 

Smart Nora is made for people whose periodic snoring causes their partner’s sleep disruption. It works by listening to the sounds of snoring while your partner sleeps, and when it detects heavy breathing or faint snoring, it inflates the pad under your partner’s pillow so that they gently wake up, while making sure your sleep remains uninterrupted.

Smart Nora is not intended to address conditions like sleep apnea. It helps ensure people who sleep with snorers can continually sleep in comfort all night through. 


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