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Here’s a gluten-free and healthy Keto bread that is actually delicious!

These flaxseed-based Buns are the only low-carb, USDA-certified organic bread on the market.

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Who would have thought that with just a simple switch from regular buns and bread, you can get significant amounts of fiber and Omega 3s and 6s without consuming gluten, dairy, and sugar? Well, there’s Omega Buns as proof.

Omega bun is a delicious, whole-milled flaxseed-based bread that’s rich in fiber and low in calories. It contains no sugar, grains, nuts, and dairy! These are the perfect bread alternative, especially when you’re on a Keto diet.

This bun has over 3000mg of ALA Omega 3s, making them one of the perfect edible supplements of Omega, fiber, and protein.

And you don’t need to worry about how you can get your hands on these wonder loaves of bread because whether you’re in America or not, the Omega Buns’ Sandwich Bun Dry Mix Kit ships internationally. Now you can create your healthy buns even when you’re not in the US.

Finding easy and workable options is the key to managing and controlling any health issue. With these keto bread, you can now enjoy buns without the fear of jeopardizing your health.

$3410% off any purchase (except subscriptions) code: tiktokketo

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