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Here is an easy way to give your kids a dose of immunity in just one bite

Keep your kids healthy and safe with these picky-eater-approved immunity gummies!

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It’s been almost a year since the pandemic dominated the world, and our lives came to a halt. Since then, the planet has left humanity to experience the scariest time of our lives, especially kids. And the worst part? There are no vaccines to help them.

Now more than ever do we need to look for ways to keep these kids healthy! Even though the good old-fashioned vitamins are not as effective as we used to think, we now have newly developed immunity gummies, like the Llama Naturals Elderberry immunity.

Llama Naturals produces the Elderberry Immunity Gummy, delicious, sugar-free gummies made with real fruits catering to your picky eater child’s preference. They took pride in the process of making these supplements — they slow-cook each gummy on low heat to retain all nutrients to preserve its potency.

How does this Elderberry Immunity Gummy help?

According to WebMD, the berries and flowers of elderberry are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help boost your immune system. They could help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms.

Elderberry Immunity Gummy is not like any regular gummies filled with sugars or artificial sweeteners. It is a 100% vegan gummy packed with Organic Elderberry extract, Organic Vitamin C (from Acerola Cherries), Plant-based Zinc Chelate, and Organic Beta Glucan (from Reishi Mushroom). All these ingredients, less soy, gluten, dairy, shellfish, nuts, or wheat, are added to the fruit gummies to support your kid’s overall immunity.

Llama Naturals Elderberry Immunity Gummies for kids won the award as the Best Multivitamin 2019

Check out how kids are enjoying this immunity gummy:

My kids and I love how these taste! I’m so thankful for this alternative option with better ingredients than what we were using. And, first time traveling with the family and no one got sick; thinking the elderberry did the trick 🙂

Heather M. USA

$22.95Subscribe and save up to 5%

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