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Helpful Tricks and Glitches for Minecraft 360 (For Beginners)

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Minecraft for Xbox 360
Minecraft for Xbox 360

Here are some pretty useful tricks and glitches for Minecraft 360 version. Some players of the original Minecraft might already know some of these things, but this guide is also helpful for newcomers. Some of them aren?t too obvious, so we?ll share it with you as you might find them useful while creating your own world in Minecraft.

Deleting TNT without having to destroy surrounding area

This isn?t really that great of a trick, but it is a ?bit? fun to see how a TNT explodes and causing not a single damage to anything. The first thing you need to do here is to dig around the TNT, then cover it with Obsidian. Leave one opening in order for you to hit the TNT, then once done doing that, cover the TNT with enough Obsidian.

Breathing Underwater Unlimitedly

Now here?s one useful glitch. There are numerous ways to do this. One is to get a bucket, then press LT if you want to add more bubbles (oxygen). If you need to empty the bucket, just reach the ground and press LT while aiming at it.

Another method is getting a torch and pressing LT while near a wall or the ground to regenerate your bubbles.

How to Have any Minecraft Block as Helmet

This isn?t really part of any ?useful? trick here, but it is fun to see and experiment with various blocks. Doing this is pretty simple. The first thing to do is start the game and ?wear any helmet of your choice. Now save and turn off the xbox. Go to your computer, and in the device explorer, extract the gamesave for Minecraft. Now open up the minecraft inventory editor (using 360revolution or horizon). Now find slot 103 and replace it with any block that you want to use as a helmet. It needs to be a block and not a detachable item (like torch, swords, axe, etc). Once done, rehash and resign to update your gamesave. Once you start up your minecraft savegame, you will now see the block you?ve chosen as your helmet.

And of course, what is a game guide without locations on items? Here?s a list of useful items in Minecraft:

bedrock– bottom of the world/walls of nether

clay– bottom of ponds

cobblestone– underneath the dirt

moss stone- located around mob spawners

dirt– general floor of the map

gravel– located randomly under ground

ice– in cold areas on top of lakes

monster spawner- random underground spots

sand– top layer in deserts

sandstone– found under sand in deserts

obsidian– made by mixing still water and still lava

snow– found in cold places falling from the sky and layering blocks

glowstone– found on the ceiling of nether in hanging chunks

netherrack– general ground of nether

soul sand- small patches in nether/ make you walk slow

redstone dust- when you destroy redstone ore, about 5 pieces of dust come out

cactus– only vegetation in the desert

grass block- dirt+sun+time=grass block

leaves– top of trees

mushroom– randomly scattered around above ground and in natural caves

pumpkin– somewhat rare found in woodsy areas

wood– can be chopped from trees

wool– obtained by killing sheep

leather– obtained by killing cows

pork– obtained by killing pigs

coal ore- randomly places under ground

diamond ore– randomly places under ground

gold ore– randomly places under ground

coal ore- randomly places under ground

iron ore- randomly places under ground

lapis lazuli ore- randomly places under ground

redstone ore- randomly places under ground

water– can be taken out of lakes with a bucket

lava– can be taken out of lava pools with a bucket

whea can be obtained by smashing grass

sugar cane- can be found around coasts and lakes

saplings– can be obtained by destroying tree leaves

flowers– randomly scattered above land


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