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Helpful Google Penguin Tips That You Should Always Remember

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Google Penguin Tips

Website owners and webmasters are certainly watching out for the latest news and updates from search engines, particularly Google. There is surely no doubt that Google is the king of the search engines which is why getting good rankings on Google can make a huge difference for your website. That is why knowing great Google Penguin tips is certainly very important.

Before going into the Google Penguin tips, it is important to give more details about Google?s Penguin update. In a nutshell, the Penguin update was launched by Google in 2012 in order to combat websites which are spamming the search results.

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This was very common a few years ago as the quality of Google search results really took a downturn. After the update, websites which are spamming the search results by buying links or getting links from various sources specifically to help boost Google rankings were penalized.

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Recently, Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that the Penguin update was made part of their core algorithm. The latest update made Penguin real-time, meaning that websites which were previously penalized may receive improvements right away once they fix their issues. Also, Penguin is now ?more granular? as it devalues spam by adjusting the rankings based on ?spam signals? and not merely affecting the ranking of the entire website.

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Now that you know what the Google Penguin update is all about, here are some basic tips to help you get your website on Google?s good side.

  • Only Include Quality Content on Your Site ? Google certainly values original, high-quality content so having it on your site is certainly a step in the right direction. Poor, spammy content is one thing that Penguin may penalize you for, which is why you should remove low-quality content from your site immediately.
  • Get Rid of Spammy Backlinks ? Spammy backlinks will only get you penalized by Google so get rid of them right away. You can easily do this by using Google?s Disavow Tool which will surely help you eliminate spam and artificial backlinks without any hassles.
  • Get High-Quality Backlinks ? While spammy backlinks will get your website penalized, one way to improve your rankings is by getting high-quality backlinks for your site. Try to get backlinks from established and notable websites to help give your website a boost.

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Remember these tips and surely you will have no problem with the Google Penguin update. Give it a shot and see just how your website?s Google ranking will improve.

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