Help your child sleep alone with this sleep-control device

Put your child to sleep faster so they can get better sleep!

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The Hatch Rest+ features:

  • Mobile phone control via the Hatch Sleep App
  • Multiple user access
  • Voice command via Alexa
  • 10 preset lighting modes and 11 sound settings
  • One-touch programs for bedtime, nap time, and waketime
  • Dimmable clock
  • Eight hours battery life on a single charge

A good night’s sleep helps the body remain healthy. It also improves one’s learning, memory, decision-making, and creativity. Without it, however, the brain cannot function properly. This is why getting enough sleep is very important during your child’s growth. It’s no secret that kids aren’t really fond of going to bed, though. They’re either not tired or too tired, afraid or too curious. Whatever the reason might be, putting your child to sleep can be a challenge!


Hatch Rest+ is an all-in-one smart sleep machine for babies and kids. It works as a customizable nightlight and features 11 soothing sounds so you can set the mood for them.

Like any other smart device, you can control the Rest+ through your mobile phone with the Hatch Sleep App. It even lets you control the device remotely and program your favorite settings! This app is available in the App Store for iOS 14 (or higher) users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

The Hatch Rest device can also be managed by multiple caretakers; just add additional users using the app! Plus, you can use it with voice commands through Alexa to change the volume, brightness, colors, sounds, and more.

To customize the light, you can adjust it manually through the in-app color wheel or choose from the 10 preset modes included in the light library.

As for the sound settings, here are the available options:

  • Crickets
  • Rain
  • White Noise
  • Birds
  • Wind
  • Ocean
  • Water Stream
  • Dryer
  • Classic lullabies

Setting your child’s sleeping habits will also be a breeze with its one-touch programs! This feature lets you schedule bedtime, nap time, and waketime. You can even use fun colors to signal when it’s time to rise.

For convenience, the Hatch Rest has a built-in clock that’s dimmable so you can adjust it to your desired brightness or turn it off completely. Plus, with up to eight hours of battery life on a single charge, you can make sure that you stick to the schedule even when you forget to plug it in.