?Hell’s Kitchen? Season 16 Contestants: Can SugarHouse Casino Chef Survive Gordon Ramsay?

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Hell's Kitchen Season 16 Contestants
Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 Contestants

Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 contestants must be super anxious right now, and for good reason! Hell’s Kitchen will be back on air for it’s 16th season on September 23, 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. As usual, Chef Gordon Ramsay will keep these chefs on their toes. No downtime, whatsoever!

A familiar face will be back in the game in the person of SugarHouse Chef Andrew Pearce. Including himself, there are five chefs from Pennsylvania. They will compete with five other competitors from New York. The pressure is super high and those who cannot take the heat will have to go out the kitchen!

And the Hellish Journey Begins

Some 18 chefs will go through hell this season as they take on the challenges in the show. Knowing Ramsay, he doesn’t accept anything less than perfection. There will be two teams this season, red and blue. The following chefs are as follows:

  • Aaron Smock, a cook from Michigan
  • Andrew Pearce, a sous chef from Pennsylvania
  • Devin Simpson, an assistant restaurant manager from South Carolina
  • Genaro Dellilo, a sous chef from Pennsylvania
  • Koop Wynkoop, a kitchen manager from Ohio
  • Matt Hearn, a sous chef from California
  • Pat Tortorello, a culinary instructor from New Jersey
  • Paulie Giganti, an executive chef from New York
  • Johnny McDevitt, a head chef from Pennsylvania
  • Aziza Young, a kitchen manager from Pennsylvania
  • Rajeeyah ?Gia? Young, a catering chef from New York
  • Heather Williams, a sous chef from Pennsylvania
  • Heidi Parent, an executive chef from Maine
  • Jessica Boynton, a university chef from North Carolina
  • Kimberley Roth, a sushi chef from New York
  • Kimberly Ann Ryan, am event chef from Michigan
  • Shaina Hayden, a banquet chef from New York
  • Wendy Mendez, a pastry chef from New York

The show’s survivor will snag the grand prize: occupy a head chef position at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at The Venetian Las Vegas. This is indeed a dream come true for some chefs. This can definitely catapult their career by 10 years!

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