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Hello Neighbor Xbox One Release In August, Pre-Orders Now Live

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Hello Neighbor Xbox One
Source: Hello Neighbor Basement Gameplay (Trailer #2) video

tinyBuild Games’ Hello Neighbor can now be pre-ordered for the Xbox One as seen on the Windows store. The Xbox One version is slated to be released this August 29. However, the developers have yet to announce the release date for the full game on PC.

Xbox One Release

As seen on the Microsoft Store, Hello Neighbor is indeed available for the Microsoft console. This listing comes as a surprise as the PC version has yet to receive its release date. Many alpha builds ran first on the PC version and was expected to be released in Summer of 2017.

The game costs £23.99 which is around $30 in North America. The game’s premise doesn’t promise any large, expansive worlds or a premium competitive game. This price is reasonable for a good indie game. The pre-order doesn’t list any bonuses that come along with it.

No Announcements

The official Hello Neighbor and tinyBuild Twitter pages haven’t even mentioned of this Xbox One release yet. Publisher tinyBuild Games and and developer Dynamic Pixels may have just placed this listing early and announce it at a later date. Fans should still celebrate that the game already has a release date despite the lack of information about this release.

On the official website of the game, the frequently asked question part clearly states that tinyBuild Games has no plans to release a console version at the time being. Whether a PS4 version also launches soon or it’ll be a console exclusive for Xbox One remains to be seen.

PC Release Also on August?

Potentially the Hello Neighbor PC release might also launch on the same month. The developers have yet to officially announce a release date for its PC release. It’s also unclear if beta tests will be held before the final build officially launches. We’ll have to wait if there are more announcements about this game’s release date and other information.

Hello Neighbor Development progress

As seen on the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build announcement, Alpha 4 is considered “close” to the final version when it comes to the design and layout of the house. This statement suggests that this is the last alpha build considering that the release date is near. August 29 is still three months away, which gives tinyBuild plenty of time to announce more information about their progress and this Xbox One release.

E3 Appearance?

The previous E3 2016 show showcased indie games in the event. Potentially, Hello Neighbor might show up on the E3 2017 Microsoft stage to promote their Hello Neighbor Xbox One release. TinyBuild Games have previously appeared in PAX South 2017 earlier this year which doesn’t make them strangers to large events.

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