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Hello Neighbor PS4 And Nintendo Switch Release Announcement ‘Eventually,’ Says tinyBuild

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Hello Neighbor
Source: Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Gameplay Trailer 4K video

TinyBuild has confirmed that Hello Neighbor will be released on other consoles than Xbox One and PC. The publisher says that they’ll announce its release for other consoles “eventually.” At best, we know that they’re considering a Hello Neighbor PS4 and Nintendo Switch release.

If They Can

According to the official tinyBuild Twitter page, the publishers assures that they’ll announce the Hello Neighbor release on other consoles whenever they can. They didn’t give a sure promise but it’s enough to give hope for a Hello Neighbor PS4 and Nintendo Switch release. So far, Hello Neighbor will be released on the Microsoft Store (Xbox One) and Steam (PC) this August 29.

PS4 and Switch Title

On May 27, TinyBuild teased on Twitter of an upcoming Nintendo Switch title. Previously, they’ve also released Lovely Planet on the PS4 last 2016. TinyBuild is definitely not a stranger towards releasing games on these platforms. So far, Hello Neighbor is only guaranteed to launch on Xbox One and PC.

Current Hello Neighbor Progress

As of Hello Neighbor Alpha 4, Dynamic Pixels confirmed that the Alpha 4 house is already close to the house’s final version. We might see this final version of this house in the August release or in another Alpha build. Two months is still a long time, and another Alpha build should satisfy the fans while waiting for release.

Hello Neighbor has captured the interest of gamers with its piecemeal story and advanced enemy AI. The story was expounded at the ending of each Hello Neighbor Alpha build. These builds were released on a “when its done and polished” basis and held vague but valuable information about the Neighbor and main character. The endings featured a dark and cultish basement, Neighbor crying in a corner of a white room, and the main character leaving an apartment with his belongings. Fans were able to extract all the secrets behind these reveals and possibly use it to solve Hello Neighbor’s story. The full game might bring closure towards all the hunt for Hello Neighbor’s story and Alpha 4 ending reveals. The developers could conclude the game’s simple story this August, unless the developers plan to give it a sequel.

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