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Hello Neighbor Open World Feature: What We Know So Far

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Hello Neighbor
Source: Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Launch Trailer 4K video

The officially Hello Neighbor Kickstarter page originally mentioned some open world elements in the game. However, the game is close to its final build and this feature is nowhere to be found. Here’s what we know so far.

Where Can We Explore Local Areas?

Mentioned in the game’s Kickstarter page is that players can explore “your own house, local area, and your Neighbour’s house”. As of the game’s current build, it still doesn’t have any explorable areas beyond the player and Neighbor’s houses. Normally, the players spend most of their time in the Neighbour’s house and a fraction of time in their own house. The “local area” isn’t focused enough as the players are mostly led into finding strange rooms inside the Neighbor’s house. Mostly, the small explorable local area works similar to the player’s house as they may hide useful tools to infiltrate the neighbor’s house easier. An open world feature could serve as a breather for breaking in the Neighbor’s house. Its size might not be expansive but is large enough to have notable key points and interactions with the player.

Making Your Way Downtown

At first glance, adding an open world feature in Hello Neighbor could be pointless as the home invasion gameplay holds the ground enough to be an interesting game. However, an open world will help Dynamic Pixels insert more story in Hello Neighbor. Players could ask around town about the Neighbor to serve as an indirect tool to know more about him.

Currently, vague clues and scenery are shown at the end of Hello Neighbor alpha builds. Due to the dreamlike nature of these endings, their connection to the actual story can be unreliable.

The Road Between Houses Is “Local Area”

At best, the current local area that you can travel in the Hello Neighbor alpha builds is the road between the houses. You’ll have to cross the street to get to your Neighbor’s house to invade it. The developers have technically filled this “local area” requirement. However, the game only limits you to a piece of the road and blocks you from ignoring the neighbor’s house.

Each Alpha build showcases a different house that players can explore in the final build of the game. A more openly explorable Hello Neighbor build might allow players to visit any of these houses at their own discretion. As of now, the game seems like it’ll go for a semi-open world approach as no other houses can be explored aside from the Neighbor’s home. 

Hello Neighbor’s Full Release

As of now, Dynamic Pixels has confirmed that the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build is already “close to the final” version of the game. Potentially, we’ll get one more alpha build before the game’s final build. The developers haven’t revealed the next Hello Neighbor release yet but fans already know that the full game is coming soon. We’ll only know if any new features like open world will make it once we see the next build of the game.

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