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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Reveal Possibly On Saint Patrick’s Day [Rumor]

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4
Source: Hello Neighbor Basement Gameplay (Trailer #2) video

Hello Neighbor developer Dynamic Pixels has yet to release the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build. Meanwhile, fans speculate that the next that the game reveal will be on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s what we know about the potential Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 reveal.

St. Patrick Reveal

According to ProfJemBadger’s thread on the Hello Neighbor subreddit, the “22381A” message could potentially be hinting about the next reveal to be on St. Patrick’s Day. In the color hex, #22381A is the dark green color. Additionally, players heard a woman’s voice saying, “The next station is Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick station” on the first Hello Neighbor Alpha build easter eggs. Potentially, fans are waiting for a Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 reveal on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.

No New Alpha Build Release Dates Yet

So far, Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild Games haven’t officially announced any release dates for the next Hello Neighbor Alpha build. For now, all fans can do is wait for official announcements about this new alpha build.

Alpha Build for Lore and Mystery

Fans are expecting the next Alpha build to continue the next set of easter eggs to discuss the Hello Neighbor lore. Previously, the developers left hints such as QR codes and lore clues throughout the Hello Neighbor Alpha builds. Players seem to enjoy doing these easter egg hunts and come up with theories on what they mean.

However, Hello Neighbor’s main innovation is the Neighbor AI which adapts to a player’s actions in setting up traps and routes to catch players. Stealth game fans may enjoy this title, but the system may not be triggered for players who can do clean, undetected runs. Potentially, Hello Neighbor developers may be working on a substantial update rather than keep releasing content to satisfy the Alternate Reality Game fix of its fans.

Hello Neighbor so far

In Hello Neighbor, players will enter the Neighbor’s house to find out what he’s hiding beneath his basement. Players will need to thoroughly search for keys and tools to remove the locks he placed on the basement door to see what he’s hiding. In the recent Hello Neighbor alpha builds, players found lore clues like hints of kidnapped people and a lone, crying Neighbor in a white room upon entering the heavily locked doors. The justification of the player’s actions in entering the Neighbor’s house is also a major point that fans often ponder in theories and discussions.  The Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 reveal will definitely revitalize the fanbase as it’ll supply them with new information to support their theories and speculations about the game’s lore. Stay updated with more Hello Neighbor news here on TheBitBag.

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