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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Release Date Shown In New Teaser [Rumor]

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4
Source: Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 Trailer video

Publisher tinyBuild previously shared a Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 post featuring the neighbor in a room with a large hole in the wall. However, the fans noticed that the milk carton in the picture features some specific dates. Potentially, these milk carton dates could be clues about the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 release date.

Twitter Post

As seen on tinyBuild’s Twitter post, the neighbor can be seen in a room with an obvious view outside. The post is tagged with the “Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 soon” description which means this room could be part of the upcoming alpha build. However, the post didn’t drop any release dates for Hello Neighbor Alpha 4, which leaves fans clueless on when to expect its release.

Milk Carton Release Date

Interestingly, fans noticed the milk carton in the picture which contains two particular dates. The milk carton dates are the product’s manufacture date which is 25.03.97 and is expected to expire 30.03.97. The dates can be plainly interpreted as a regular expiry date for the refrigerated milk, but tinyBuild briefly hinted that there could be something more to the dates.

The expiry dates were written in Cyrillic and a fan offered a translation. Twitter User Nastya B notes that the labels had typos. However, tinyBuild asks a rhetorical question which definitely amps the importance of these dates.

Potential Meaning

Even though the dates are set way back March 1997, the milk carton dates could be teasing the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4’s release window. If this is the case, fans should watch tinyBuild, Dynamic Pixels and the game’s official site for any new releases or small changes.

Meanwhile, the Hello Neighbor easter eggs also had the “1003063” clue which no fans knows where it’s used for. Potentially, the milk carton numbers could also be numerical keys toward this Hello Neighbor mystery.

Hello Neighbor’s Easter Egg Mystery

More than just the neighbor’s adapting AI, the Hello Neighbor Alpha builds also feature a mystery that can be solved through thoroughly searching for its easter eggs. The fans have found clues about a person hiding a buried woman somewhere in the game.

Additionally, the secrets and Hello Neighbor endings also cover the Neighbor’s identity as the game progresses. Digging up the Hello Neighbor’s alpha build’s secrets reels in more interested fans than its stealth game features. Hello Neighbor’s Alpha 4 release will definitely add more clues and possibly more depth to its mysteries. Stay updated with more Hello Neighbor news here on The BitBag.

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