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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Release Date In May

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Release Date
Source: Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Micro Teaser (4K) video

The quest to finish the newest Hello Neighbor build and solve its mysteries will start this week. TinyBuild has confirmed that the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 release date is on May 4. Fans have been waiting for this update for almost four months.

May 4 Release Date

tinyBuild confirmed the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build release date on Twitter. The teaser tweet shows the neighbor laying down many bear traps in a kitchen area. TinyBuild also confirmed that the Alpha 4 build will be compatible with Xbox One controllers, but not with PS4 controllers.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Build

Only vague hints about Hello Neighbor’s Alpha 4 build have been revealed on teasers as of late. tinyBuild has teased Easter eggs in this build. Other important details like a dynamic day-night cycle feature, functional railway, and the Neighbor wielding a flashlight were shown in these teasers. Unless the developers release the Alpha 4 patch notes, players will have to discover each of the new build’s changes and features.

The Game

Hello Neighbor is a stealth game with an adapting AI. The end goal in each Alpha build is to open the Neighbor’s heavily locked door. Players will have to scour the Neighbor’s house for key items to unlock the door while remaining undetected. If caught, the Neighbor will adapt to the player’s route through adding traps or changing his position to guard the house more effectively.

Fans are highly excited for the latest Alpha Build because each build is set in a different house in the full game. Additionally, Hello Neighbor’s developer Dynamic Pixels tweaks the gameplay per Alpha build release.

The Easter Eggs For Its Story

Alternatively, some fans are interested in playing Hello Neighbor to discover its story. The Alpha build’s endings usually leave a snippet of information behind the Neighbor’s actions. However, the game manages to keep its clues vague and let the player interpret what it really means.

Some clues are found through thoroughly reading between the lines as players will interact with every item available in the build to find anything story-related or unusual. Previously, fans were able to piece together a QR code which leads to a vague message about hiding a buried woman. Players were interested in cracking this case which could potentially give clues about the game’s setting and characters.

The characters in Hello Neighbor barely talk, which forces fans to search for the clues themselves. We’ll have to wait until May 4 to be able to play game and find more clues to the mystery.

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