Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Ending Guide And All Secrets

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4
Source: Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Gameplay Trailer 4K video

Dynamic Pixels’ Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build delivers on new lore with its new basement ending. The secret room in this build shrinks players down and makes them climb up a small closet. However, players will need to smartly use props and new items to reach these new content.

Bizarre Adventure

The new Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build’s house shifts the game’s setting from realistic to bizarre due to its architecture. Players will find themselves jumping on disjointed platforms and hiding from living mannequins in this build. According to the official site, the Alpha 4 build is closer to the final build both in terms of gameplay and art style.

Similar to previous builds, finding tools and keycards to unlock the Basement door is still a part of the game. However, getting the jump upgrades from the green and red room are necessary to complete the platforming section in the basement.

Green Room

The room with the green padlock can be found near the stairs of the Neighbor’s house. Its key is inside a Boiler room found on the upper floors. Entering the green room will send you through a dark corridor filled with stacked chairs, moving mannequins, and table setups. Players will need to hide inside lockers or run away from these mannequins once a loud alarm is sounded. Escaping these mannequins will allow you to reach the end of the room to return to the Neighbor’s house with a double jump upgrade.

Red Room

At the start of the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build, the players have a full view of the Neighbor’s large house. The Red secret room is inside the suspended crate on the side of the house. Getting inside that crate requires players to have the cork gun, umbrella, and the red key. The red key is found inside your car’s trunk. The cork gun is needed to jam the Windmill’s gears to make it stop messing with the player’s jumps. Meanwhile, the Umbrella is used to glide to the top of the crate from the house’s rooftop. Enter the crate’s opening and enter the red padlocked door to start the Secret Room mini-game.


Players will be welcomed with an eerie laugh in the red room and shrunk after entering the room. The goal in this secret room to hit the light suspended on the ceiling. Make sure to collect any props on the way to help you climb shelves and tall objects easily. The weirdly shaped mugs can give you extra footing, and the darts can stick to walls as temporary ladder steps. The toaster and paper planes in these area are part of the platforming so make sure to use them.

After hitting the bulb, the player will be reverted back to his regular size despite still being inside the small walk-in closet. Leaving the room will return you to the suspended crate in the Neighbor’s house as you’ve already cleared the secret room. This secret room will also grant a super jump upgrade like green secret room.

Basement Platforming

The jump upgrades will be needed in the basement as there are some platforming segments. Use your new double jump and super jump to go to the end goal of this area. The Neighbor will be waiting for you near the door of the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 ending room. Just use your new jumps to avoid the obstacles to the door and earn your ending.

Alpha 4 Ending

In its ending scene, the perspective changes to an unknown character who is about to leave his house. This character seems to be moving out of this apartment room, with his stuff packed in a red case. This ending leaves players with little information to understand its meaning, much like the previous Alpha build endings. Fans can only hope that these endings will mean something significant in the main Hello Neighbor story once it is released.

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