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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Ending Letter Decoded, Here’s What It Means

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Ending
Source: Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Launch Trailer 4K video

The Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 ending featured a character just about to leave a room with his large suitcase. However, the fans noticed a letter written in Cyrillic in the scene. When translated, the letter was actually an eviction notice and means that the character is leaving for good.

Translated Letter

According to gaurdianaq’s thread on the Translator subreddit, the Russian letter found in the room was translated and confirmed to be an eviction notice. The letter contains the following statements:

  • “You’ve been kicked out due to not paying rent. You must vacate the apartment in a week. Otherwise we will press charges”
  • “Kicked out”

The information found in this letter can further narrow down the game’s lore. As of now, fans speculate that this evicted character could be Hello Neighbor’s main character himself.

Main Character’s Backstory

If the main character was really in the ending scene of Hello Neighbor Alpha 4, this perfectly sets up the premise of the game as the main character is fairly new in his neighborhood. However, the game still has many unexplained motives like the main character’s motivation for invading the Neighbor’s house.

A Battle of Criminals

One idea that can be deduced from the eviction notice is that the main character doesn’t have any money to pay rent anymore. Soon after that, the main character moves in near the Neighbor’s house. The player character may actually be a common thief trying to find something of value in the Neighbor’s house to pay his bills. 

However, the Neighbor is not entirely faultless as he is presented as someone suspiciously guarding the basement door. Additionally, the Neighbor is also linked with human sacrifice practices. It’s even rumored that he buried a woman in his property. In the end, Hello Neighbor might be a story of a thief accidentally stumbling on a path to redemption after trying to burgle a murderer’s home.

Loose Connection

However, Hello Neighbor’s clues and hints have too much loose storytelling to strongly attach them to the game’s main characters. Dynamic Pixels still has plenty of room to insert a plot twist in these Alpha build endings due its lack of dialogue and character’s lack of personality. The Neighbor can’t be dismissed as an aggressive man since you play as a stranger trying to break in his house.

Overall, we’ll need more scenes like the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 ending to know our characters even more. The neighbor’s house in Alpha 4 is reportedly close to the final build, which means the developers are close to releasing the full game soon. Perhaps all the questions about the main character and the Neighbor will be answered in the full game itself.

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