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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Content: Dynamic Time Of Day, Rideable Trains, And Everything We Know So Far

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4
Source: Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 – Fireworks Gameplay video

The official tinyBuild Twitter has started to tease the release of the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build. The new content showed some new screenshots that feature some of its new content, which could be a dynamic time of day system and rideable trains. Hello Neighbor fans have been waiting for this alpha build for its gameplay and Easter eggs.

Publisher Teasers

As seen on the tinyBuild Twitter account, two tweets show some screenshots which could be teasing some new game features. One tweet shows four screenshots of the same area in different times of day, which means that the game would have dynamic time of day system or day and night cycles. Meanwhile, another tweet features the player character moving fast through one of the Neighbor house’s train tracks. Overall, we can only wait for the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 release to see all of its new content.

Dynamic Time of Day

Even though the tweet shows features a similar billboard but at different times, it’s somehow too much for an enclosed stealth game to have this feature. Unless darkness actually affects the Neighbor’s vision, a dynamic time of day feature seems like an unnecessary system to implement in this game.

Potentially, this supposed system could just be to show off Hello Neighbor’s new lighting system which makes the game look better. Visibility and lighting in stealth games is an important factor as it can decide the quality of in-game hiding spots. Most of Hello Neighbor’s action lies in hiding away from the neighbor as you search his house for important key items and other tools.

Rideable Trains

Meanwhile, the accessible train tracks means there could be an operational train or cart in the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build. Potentially, these train tracks could lead the players to specific areas that simply jumping or running around can’t reach. If not, the train tracks could be a form of story exposition to help explain the neighbor’s identity to the player.

Hello Neighbor Alpha Builds

Overall, the fans aren’t just waiting for the new Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 build just for its gameplay. The fans are also looking at unique easter eggs found in each Alpha build. Some easter eggs can be found by thoroughly searching the alpha build for off-putting hints.

Previously, Dynamic Pixels placed two halves of a QR code on different Alpha builds. The developers may include something creative for players to find again. In each Alpha build, unlocking the neighbor’s locked room reveals some information about Hello Neighbor’s overarching story.

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